Abbey Ozanich was born in 1989 and grew up in northern Michigan. She received a B.A. with honors in Visual Arts and Art History from Barnard College in 2011, and currently lives and works in New York.

Ozanich's work deals conceptually with place, space, and how humans situate themselves within and respond to the environments they inhabit. In her recent photographic work, she has attempted to transform oft ignored elements of quotidian life into the monumental and sublime. Frozen in time and place, these images encourage reflection on and recognition of a world we have in our daily routines been conditioned to ignore, or even to revile.



2011     Barnard College, New York, NY
B.A. Cum Laude, Visual Arts and Art History


2012     Color Shift, Billboard Art Project, Atlanta, GA

2012     Billboard Art Project, Detroit, MI

2011     21 Rooms at the Nevada Motel, 3S Artspace, York, ME

2011     Scapes, Brooklyn Artists Gym, Brooklyn, NY

2011     Chain Letter, Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2011     In Pursuit of Liberté, The Salon at Clifton’s, Los Angeles, CA

2011     Barnard College Summer Show, Barbara Novak Gallery, New York, NY

2011     As Seen From Here, Louise McCagg Gallery, New York, NY

2010     Barnard College Mid-Year Senior Show, Louise McCagg Gallery, New York, NY

2010     Home Sweet Home, Geist Gallery, New York, NY


2010     I Will Not Make Any More Boring Art, a re-performance of the 1971 piece by John Baldessari, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY


2013     Fireside Fables, Roos Arts, Rosendale, NY

2012     The Midas Touch Video Hour, Manhattan Neighborhood Network, New York, NY

2010     Group Think, Geist Gallery, New York, NY

2010     Home Sweet Home, Geist Gallery, New York, NY


2008     Brooklyn Vegan

2008     Bishop Allen Website


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